02 April 2018

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day which took place on 19th March 2018 ITHS Junior Section held its most awaited annual Sports Day. The Event started at 8:00 a.m and finished at 2:00 p.m. Students from grade 1 to 5 participated in various sporting events, grade 3-5 participated in 100 meters race, 4x 100 meters really race, shot-put throw, discus throw, long jump and sack race. Grade 1-2 participated in 100 meters race, 4x 100 meters really race tennis ball throw, chocolate race, sack race and spot jump. The event took place during the students’ regular PE classes. From grade 1-5, 548 students participated in the event for 200 medals, along with the students there were also games for the teachers which surely doubled the enjoyment of the occasion. Sports day event are always thrilling. Medals were distributed to the winners by our Honorable Chairman Sir Yasar Savran, Principal Roksana Zarin Miss, Director Yasar Ovenc Sir and the Head of Section Nazmun Nahar Miss.

31 March 2018

Independence Day Program 26.03.18

Independence Day Celebration
In collaboration with Senior Boy’s and Girl’s Section, ITHS Uttara Preschool and Primary Section held a cultural program to celebrate Independence Day of Bangladesh on March 26, 2018. The event was adorned with some of the most amazing songs, dances, and poem recitations that highlighted the beauty and freedom that was brought to us through the independence of our country. The event was attended by, the Chairman of Hope Company, Mr. Kazim Eldes; the Chairman of ITHS, Mr. Yasar Savran; the Principal, Ms. Roksana Zarin; and the Director, Mr. Yasar Ovence. All the teachers and students of the participating branches were also invited to enjoy the program and take part in the celebration. 

11 March 2018

ITHS Culture Festival 2018.

Once again ITHS Uttara Preschool and Junior Section hosts the jubilant culture festival, bringing all the traditions and heritage of all the nationalities in the school under one roof. The outdoor basketball playground was indeed adorned with festivity spirits and buoyancy with the participation of various stalls representing their rich heritage and culture on the 10th of March 2018. In comparison to last year's debut festival, this year it was much bigger and better with the addition of more countries in the list of participants at the fun fair. A walk around the outdoor playground took us around the world in just a few minutes; there was food, decorations, souvenirs and mementos on display by all the participating nationalities. Towards the end of the afternoon an ecstatic audience indulged in performances representing various cultures and nations on the podium. It was truly a cultural melting hub with everyone's presence. At the end of the function, parents and visitors from different nationals thanked the school authority with warm wishes for organizing such a wonderful festival.

07 February 2018

It's really fun when students of KG-2 use different objects to do their work in Math class. Doing 'Subtraction' with food made the activity both yummy and educative. This activity increased their confidence in Subtraction.



It’s our fairy princess fabiha’s birthday . She celebrates her birthday with her friends. May your whole life fulfilled with smile, love , music and cake. Just as today! Happy Birthday dear!

Once Danish author said-“Just living is not enough; one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” With all of the gadgets, screens and distractions competing for your child’s attention, teachers of playgroup arranged a “Visit to park” for the children to observe the nature and feel fresh air. Children were wearing colorful headbands; they walked around the park –saw birds, colorful flowers, tortoise, duck, swan, different trees and also a pond. Children fed the swan and played with them. At the end of their visit they played in kid’s zone and sat inside a shed shared cookies with friends.

FLOWER SHOW ....! Flower signifies purity, innocence, and charm. It is the symbol of love and happiness. Flowers can also affect our moods and influence our emotions. From the beginning of the second semester, KG 1 students have learnt names of different kinds of flowers and parts of a flower plant. A “Flower Show” has been arranged where students brought different kinds of flowers and described the color, size, pattern of those flowers. Parents also enjoyed the show. The colorful flowers arrangement and the fragrance fascinated and impressed everyone।