20 November 2015


Dear parents,

The school (ITHS) will remain open on Saturday, November 21, 2015. Thursday's routine will be followed.

Thanking You,


18 November 2015

Math Olympiad

Hurray!!ITHS math Olympiad group got 2 silver and 11 bronze medals in the Maths challenge Olympiad!!Proud of you!!

Plantation Of KG

Gardening gives children a chance to learn an important life skill and it is a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature. Our children like to learn by doing. Working in a garden gives the students experience satisfaction that comes from caring for something over
time while observing the cycle of life firsthand.

Car Race & Solving Puzzles of KG Students.

As a part of fun activity, ITHS arranged a race of remote car for boys & solving puzzles for girls on November 12, 2015 .

Through these activities students can develop their Fine Motor Skill and Hand Eye coordination as well.

16 November 2015


Dear Parents,
You are cordially invited to our Book Fair which will be held 
tomorrow & the day after tomorrow, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

12 November 2015

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power !!Reading Competition in Class 2 Blue!!!

Dream Car

Dream Car......KG students had a writing activity about their dream car. Through this activity students of this age group can be more expressive and hone their creative writing skill.

Fun with Shapes

Fun with Shapes ( Playgroup class activities)

Fun Show

Class 2 students enjoyed their " fun show" to the fullest!!


Special Thanks to FASHION.COM

10 November 2015

ITHS -Aga Khan Friendly Football Match

ITHS -Aga Khan Friendly Match result today 3-0 CONGRATS fellows .
Here YOU are...OUR TEAM !

Animals -their body structure

Class 2 Yellow students enjoyed learning "Animals -their body structure" by pasting pictures of animals in their scrapbook and also writing the basic information about them.

Playgroup children's are playing in the sand pit

Playgroup children's are playing in the sand pit

01 November 2015

Health and Nutrition for the students

Dr. Zinnat YasmeenMahib, MBBS, MPH, Clinical Coordinator of United Hospital conducted a seminar on Health and Nutrition  for the students of grade 3,4 and 5 at the auditorium.
In an hour or so, she very effectively conveyed important information regarding healthy life using projector.

The students attended the seminar enthusiastically asking questions time to time. Dr. Zinnat gave students adequate guidelines on how to live a healthy life.

In the end a series of questions came from students on how to grow taller, how to maintain a healthy life, ho to prevent cancer etc.

Ms. Roksana Zarin, Deputy Head handed over a crest for her courtesy visit with thanks from both the students and management

KG - 2 students - Discovering the park

Learning about nature by observing it is sensory learning. One of the necessities at the early age. KG – 2 students have visited by nearby park to discover known and unknown plants grown.

Tea & Talk

A `Tea & Talk`  activity is organized for our dear mothers. Class 5 green`s lovely mothers and our lady teachers had a warm daily discussions while having a cup of tea.


Salad Making

A quick and easy salad can be a fantastic lunch for students on the go. Salads require no cooking time and they fill you up and keep studying hard until dinnertime. Class-2 students celebrated Salad-Fest as a part of their project from the chapter named ‘Food From Plant `.


To improve the learners’ spoken skill & sharing habit, students were asked to bring their favorite toys. They had to share few things about the toys with their peers.

Long & Short

KG – 1 students had an activity on the term of “long & short’ by coloring “tie” to understand the difference between ‘ long & short’

Making Juice

Student of class-2 Green have prepared lemon juice in their language-1 class on the topic of `The sensitive plant` . They used lemon,sugar ,water, spoon and disposable glasses to make the class fruitful. They also learn the importance of lemon in their life.

Making Crocodile

Students made paper crocodile as a project work for English language.

Learning Shapes

Nursery student made `D` for dinosaur and also used triangles  for a shape activity.

French Cup

Cooking Club

Everybody is familiar with this chocolate and vanilla cake, either made in giraffe or marbled style, the taste of it reminds of childhood probably for many of us. Still a bit warm, along a cold cup of milk, giraffe cake always makes a delicious treat.

Parents & Teachers Friendly Football Match

Birthday Celebration

We know how important birthdays are to our students! Every month we celebrate the birthdays within the month.

08 October 2015


Last week we enjoyed making a yummy homemade pizza. Together we made a fresh pizza dough base and a scrumptious tomato and basil sauce. The club 
members then chose some of their favorite toppings to finish off the pizza.

We hope that you might be able to join us on this delicious journey around the world.

See you on Thursday in cooking club.

Origami Flowers

As children, almost all of us were taught Origami; to work with our fingers and hands using this wonderful Japanese art of paper. On September children’s Origami club learned how to create origami flowers.

Experience on 5 senses

Kg-1 students went outside to explore & experience how to do we use our 5 senses

Sea Saw Writing Name

Kg-1 children wrote their names by pieces of straw.

“Colorful Milk “ Experiment

Little learners discovered the colorful world of science by having the “colorful milk “experiment.
The future scientistsunderstood why the breads are fluffy. They mixed up yeast, sugar and warm water and waited up for the balloons movement. They changed the invisible writing into visible one with science. 

Preschool Activities

Keeping young preschoolers occupied can be quite a challenge at times. We are here to help!  These preschool activities are sure to bring a smile to our children’s faces and provide them the opportunity to learn at the same time. The variety of preschool activities include number scavenger hunts, color spy, breakfast math and so much more! With so many different options, we make finding activities for preschool a breeze.

Word Tree

Kg-2 Students completed a story and after learning words from that story they prepared a word tree.

Food From Plants

Class  2-Green student have done  a project on `Food From Plants ` in their science class. They learn how and where the plants are preparing and storing foods.


Class 2 students celebrated Salad-Fest as a part of their science project from the chapter named `Food From Plant`. They enjoyed by participating in the process of salad making with their teacher. Also they learned plants can store food in different parts of their body like leaves, stem, flowers, fruits, root etc.

24 September 2015

Eid Mubarak

Eid Vacation

Dear Parents, 

This is for your kind notification is that Eid Vacation will start from Thursday 24th September 2015 and School will resume on 4th October 2015. Wishing everyone a Happy Eid!

16 September 2015

More and Less activity

Kg-1 student can understand what is more and less with this activity.

Activities in Handicraft Club

During the first day of handicraft club, students enjoyed making greeting cards for Eid. Students were given colorful craft papers from which they cut shapes like stars,hearts and flowers. They pasted the shapes on their cards to decorate it .They used glitters and glazy papers to make it look better. In this way they not only enjoyed the club but also learned the basic things like cutting, pasting, combination of colors and shapes.