07 February 2016

Inter Class Badminton Tournament

Inter Parents Badminton Tournament


Small learners have learned how big air pressure is. They made up a balloon rocket and challenge with friends.

Music Competition

A Music Competition was held on January 28, 2016 in the ITHS auditorium of Uttara Junior Section. A total of 34 students participated in three separate categories. Category A comprised of students from grade 1 and 2, category B had students from grade 3 to 5, and category C where for foreign students. The contestants were judged on their performance by Mr. Sujit Mustafa, a renowned singer and music trainer, Ms. Roksana Zerin, and Ms. Salima A. Rima. 

Letter craft:

For better understanding Nursery children are making joker & caterpillar-for their letter craft.

Learning is fun:

Nursery children are learning number & matching by playing different games. Also with the help of multimedia they  are enjoying their lesson on various things in the classroom. 

04 February 2016

Kids and Mom Show

On a sunny Saturday morning on the 23rd of January 2016, the teachers of Toddler, Playgroup, and Nursery hosted a colorful Kids and Moms’ Show in the auditorium of the ITHS Junior Section, Uttara. Children alongside their mothers played several games like candy race, musical chairs, frog jump, etc.  In a nutshell the program was well-organized and enjoyed by all. 

Cooking Club

Our cooking club for parents and teachers is one of the tastiest clubs in ITHS. Every week the club members along with their instructor get to indulge in delicious food items they make from scratch. On the last week of January, the teachers and mothers of our students made creamy `Ekler` and spicy `Lahmacun`. Interested parents are requested to contact Ms. Hulya for further inquiry about joining the club. 

Blanket Distribution

The second round of blanket distribution was organized on the 30th of January, 2016. This second trip was taken to one of the rural areas near Afrin Resort in Gazipur. A total of 124 blankets were donated by the parents of our students which were distributed by Mr. Shakir, 3 of our students from grade 5 and some teachers. 

Bangla Photography Exhibition

ITHS collaborated with Robi to organize a Bangla Photography Exhibition on the 25th of January 2016, in the Junior Section’s auditorium. Photos during the time of the Liberation War and Language Movement were on display, which gave the students of grades 3 to 5 a vivid idea of how the men and women of Bangladesh defended their rights and fought valiantly for the freedom of the people of this country. 

Art Competition

Every child is an artist and to celebrate that, ITHS held an Art Competition on the 19th and 20th of January, 2016. The competition was open to all students from grade 1 to 5. The students were asked to create colorful illustrations of the natural beauty of Bangladesh by using pastel colors. We were truly mesmerized by the depictions our children presented at the end of the event.

27 January 2016


What could be more entertaining than warming up with a game of football during these lovely days of winter? On the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of January, ITHS Uttara Preschool & Junior Section held a Football Tournament which was open for all the fathers of our students and male teachers. The participants’ family members were also welcomed as they were sure to add more enjoyment to the event.


08 January 2016

Notice !!

Dear Parents,
This is for your information that due to Ijtema, the school (ITHS) will resume on Monday (11.01.2016), instead of Sunday.

Thank you!!!

31 December 2015

Winter Workshop

On the 28th and 29th of December 2015, around 100 teachers of ITHS from Gulshan, Uttara, Bogra and the Chittagong campus joined us at the ITHS Uttara campus for teacher development program.

29 December 2015


PG-victory day

16th December is the memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. Every year this day is observed with great solidarity. Students of Playgroup also celebrated this day by making the national flag of Bangladesh and head bands to wear on this great occasion. It was truly a day to celebrate and remember.

PG-Story Telling

Shapes Activities

Shapes are all around us. Children found it very interesting to identify different shapes among their surroundings. They also made shape related crafts, played with shapes and learned the shapes names through games and activities. 

PG-Sand Pit

Winter is on the door step, and it’s time to have some outdoor activities! It was a sunny day and children made many things with cut out shapes of sand pit toys. They had lots of fun in the sand pit with their friends and teachers.

Activities on number ‘2’

Playgroup children have done various activities based on number ‘2’. They made collage of number ‘2’, counted and pasted two objects beside number ‘2’. These activities helped them to recognize and identify ‘2’ in a fun way.

Victory day-Nursery

Our little soldier making head band for victory day & stand in a line with the flag.

It’s play time

It’s play time. Let’s share our toy & play together .

Printing with Leave

Leaves have different colors, shapes & size. Nursery children are enjoying printing with leave & also they are doing palm print on their lovely coloring book.

Yummy Icecream

Hmm……  Yummy yummy Icecream. Yes,  we are learning the letter “I” & making Ice cream.

Learning the letter “g”

Learning the letter “g”.look we are making guitar with poster paper & cotton strings.



Kids love to be outdoors than closed indoors. Their age demands to explore the nature as everything they see outdoors are new and exciting for them. What is better than  taking advantage of a picnic on a sunny day ! So our KG students took a day off for picnic at the school outdoor park. They took the full advantage of the winter sunny day to play outdoor and eating their favorite food with their friends. The day gave them a chance to rejuvenate their mind and to keep a memory of a sunny winter day with full of fun activities like race, blowing balloons etc. 



Drama - CLASS 2

Elephant of Class-2

21 December 2015


This is to inform you that
CDs of 

are available in the school @ Tk.200.
Please contact with the front office.           

                                                      The School Management

13 December 2015

Victory Day Cultural Programme, 2015

On Saturday, 12 December, 2015 a delightful cultural show was displayed by the students of International Turkish Hope School, Uttara Junior and Preschool. All the guests arrived at the Main Campus entrance to be cordially received by the Head of Section, Mr. Isa Guler from 11 a.m.



07 December 2015

Science Fair

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done” – Robert A. Heinlein
The quote above came to life as we observed Sharaf  Mujtaba Zaman, from class 4 – Yellow, demonstrate his “Home-made Air conditioner” in one of the most anticipated programs of the ITHS Junior Section, Science Fair. It was organized on the 5th of December, Saturday at the Uttara Section of International Turkish Hope School. A combined number of 200 students from grades 1 through 5 worked in groups to execute around 100 projects. The event was attended by Mr. Bedrettin Suata, the honorable Principal of the International Turkish Hope School, and by the loving parents of our students. 

30 November 2015

Playgroup Activities

Playgroup activities.

Fun with letters

Fun with letters

Birthday Parties for Toddler, Playgroup & Nursery

Birthday Parties for Toddler, Playgroup & Nursery.

Book Fair

On the 17th and 18th of November, ITHS organized a Book Fair with the participation of several popular bookstores in the city. A lot of books were bought by our students, which only goes to show that they are taking interest in reading which is precisely what we aim to instill in our students. 


Visit to the Zoo

Class-4 students were taken to the national zoo for their field trip. It was also a part of their English syllabus. Thus the field trip provided an excellent opportunity for the students to observe the things which they have read about on their books. It was a day full of activities and fun. The children took necessary notes during the trip so as they can be used during their writing classes. 

Teachers Picnic