30 May 2016

Kids Show, 2016

The Kids Show of International Turkish Hope School was held in the afternoon on 27th May 2016.Students from Toddler to KG-2 across all sections participated in the vibrant cultural programme.

15 May 2016

Year-end Program 2015-2016

ITHS Primary Section celebrated their year-ending programme for the Academic Year 2015-2016 on 14th of May 2016. Students from Grade-1 to 5 participated in the vibrant cultural program, which marks the successful completion of another academic year for the Uttara Primary Section of ITHS.

07 May 2016


Dear Parents,

The school (ITHS) will remain closed on Sunday, May 8, 2016 due to unavoidable circumstances.


Handwriting winners

Handwriting winners from three sections of Class 2.

Handwriting Competition

Winners of Handwriting Competition from Class 1 Yellow, Green and Blue. Congratulations!!

24 April 2016


In the academic year 2015 – 2016 International Turkish Hope School has organized and seen tremendous success through inter-school and inter-campus Olympiads for Bangla and Science. So, to wrap up this highly productive and motivational year, we arranged our first ever Mathematics Olympiad on the 23rd of April, 2016 at the Boy’s Section auditorium in ITHS Uttara Branch. The competition was organized by the math department of ITHS, and approximately 500 students from grade 3, 4, and 5 from all four campuses, i.e. Uttara, Gulshan, Bogra, and Chittagong partook in the event.

Bonn Appetite

With class teacher Pizza time in class Five Students .Bonn Appetite.

Water and Air transports

Playgroup children's are learning about land, water and air transports through different activities.

Guidance Club

Guidance Club again .Thanks lot to our parents after calling suddenly..for accepting us.

Lunch by the Math and Science Teacher

Students are treated with lunch by the math and science teacher for their success of exams.

20 April 2016


On the April 18, 2016 International Turkish Hope School organized a Religious Studies quiz show, The Blessed Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As the name suggests, the main theme of the program encircled the birth and the adventures in the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Fire Drill

14 April 2016

Bangla New Year, 1423

The recorded temperature on April 14, 2016 was 37 degrees Celsius, but that did not stop Bengalis from leaving the comfort of their home to share their excitement and love with others as they welcomed the new Bengali year 1423. On this day, Bengalis around the globe rise with the sun to celebrate the day that marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar. This celebration is incomplete without traditional platters of leftover rice soaked in water (pantabhaat), hilsha fish, dried fish (shutki), pickles and green chilies, and fairs! Hence, keeping in mind the enthusiasm Bengali people share, International Turkish Hope School organizes an alluring fair every year on Pohela Boishakh to celebrate this special day. 

13 April 2016

Shuvo Noboborsho

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Teachers,

May this New Year bring you joy and prosperity in the whole year!

“Shuvo Noboborsho”

09 April 2016


Pahela Boishakh

Class 2 Blue students with their Bangla teacher along with their project for Pahela Boishakh.

Culture and Heritage

Bangla new year is knocking at door. Students wrote about their culture and heritage. Its believed that, since Mughal emperor Akbar's era, the first day of the Bangla month Baishakh , has been celebrated as day of tremendous joy and festival as on that day all due taxes were paid by the peasants and the landowners also used to arrange feast for them. A new start for all...

Making a fancy dress out of News Paper

Class 1 Green had made a Project on 'Making a fancy dress out of News Paper" as the character in the story from English Language 1.

Our Houses

The topic that the class 2 students are learning in science now is "Our Houses".Class 2 Green students made different kinds of houses to make the learning more effective!

Different kind of Houses

Different kind of Houses ; made by Class 2 Yellow students.

Boner Raza

Class Three students made scrapbooks on a renowned story book called "Boner Raza" by Humayun Ahmed; in this way they had fun and also learned the topic properly from their favorite subject- Bangla Language .

Learning is fun

Learning is fun - it was proved by the kids of class 2 green. They were encouraged by the lessons from Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and thus eagerly they have put their effort in making different craft works based on the subject English Literature. Moreover they experienced the procedure of learning new skills.

Aisha's Fancy - Dress Parade

Class 1 Yellow Students are wearing Hats made of newspaper as a part of their project from the topic " Aisha's Fancy - Dress Parade " in English Language

Our houses

In Science, students are learning about different kinds of houses of the world, in the chapter named ' Our houses '.Here are some projects done by Class 2 Blue Students!

Homes Of Creatures

Class 2 Yellow students made Homes Of Creatures as a part of their Grammar project!

COMMAND in Grammar

Class 2 Blue Students have learnt COMMAND in Grammar today and as well as done a project on that.

Batman V Superman fantastic movie

Batman V Superman fantastic movie...enjoyed alot
(We saved the Earth
Thanks everyone

03 April 2016

ITHS Notifier

Dear Parents,  

We are pleased to inform you that our push notification application ‘ ITHS Notifier’  has been released in both Google Play Store and Apple Store . You will be able to get school notices through this application after downloading and installing in your Android and IOS ( Apple) mobiles, tabs and other devices. To download and install please follow the steps which are attached here.  Thanking you for your ongoing support.

EIMS (Educational Institute Management System )

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                              
We are pleased to inform you that our new school management software EIMS (Educational Institute Management System ) is open for access.  You will be able to monitor your ward’s overall academic progress (courses, exams, results, attendance, classwork, homework, lecture notes, extra curricular activities, attitude reports etc.) to keep parents and guardians updated on what is being done at school. Through this process a strong communication will be developed among students, guardians, teachers and school administration to run the school efficiently.
Please follow the steps given below in order to use School Management Software:

29 March 2016

Math Olympiad

Dear Parents,

This is hereby for the information that the school is organizing the first Inter Branch Math Olympiad among the student of Grade 3, 4 and 5, in April 23, 2016.

The first round is going to held on 17th of April, 2016.

You may get detailed information from Maths Teachers.

Boishakhi Mela !!!

28 March 2016


Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the school (ITHS) will remain closed on Monday (28.03.16) due to unavoidable circumstances.

The School Management